Use of Institutional Library by Using Social Media in Central Universities of North-East India


Author(s): Shubhasmita Acharya* and Lulu Rout*

The paper explores the use of social media among the students of north-east central universities for accessing and availing services provided by the institutional libraries. Where, an analysis was undertaken to highlight some key factors like the frequency of using and social media devices they use for using institutional library. The research conducted to know the time spent by both the students and research scholars of the selected universities, how many times they spent per day and how many times they spent in a week for using social media. The purpose of using social media in the selected universities is being analyzed in this paper. The SNS’s which impact majorly on social media and how frequently students, research scholars use social media for using SNSs, what were the top SNSs used by using social media are described. Lastly the pros and cons of social media are also explained with their support level.

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