Review of Information Management in the Post-Epidemic Era


Author(s): Xuewen Gui*, Evance Mulashani Bonephace* and Pengqiang Liu

This review is a rapid review that reviewed the information management approach in the post-epidemic era (COVID-19). Information being a strategic resource, organizations today have fallen into a profound depression of losses and stalled progress in their economy because of the COVID-19 impacts. In business, realizing how important it is to "know what they know" and being able to make maximum use of information is a turning point and adds value in the post-epidemic era in decision-making. Companies’ resumption to a "normal" way of life of performance and the development of its growth need qualitative change of information management strategies in all activities in companies to attain effective. Changes needed be to adopt are information remote access, automation of information management, information security with usability, proactivity audit and review information management systems, and the advancement of innovation. Companies need to adopt a system theory and to equip its services in electronic systems. These strategies are useful to information management team, organizations and companies that need to achieve high in production with means of information. In an economically competitive world, meeting customers’ needs and managing information enhance the market survival of companies. Success in electronic information management in an increasingly competitive marketplace and network depends on the quality and effectiveness of the information management systems.

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