Modelling the Growth of Global Agricultural Literature: A Scienometric Study Based on CAB-Abstracts


Author(s): Savita N. Nayak, V. M. Bankapur

This paper is an attempt to map the growth of literature on agriculture in global and national levels. The paper throws light on various growth models and applicability on global agricultural literature. It also compares growth and dynamics of top ten countries in the field. This study compares literature published for the period 1930 to 2016 with recent twenty years data. Further the study emphasises on various scientometric parameters like Relative Growth Rate (RGR), Doubling Time (Dt), Skewness, Kurtosis, Regression (r2 ), supplementing with different growth patterns to check whether agriculture literature fits exponential, linear, logistic or power models. The results of the study indicate that the dynamics of world agricultural literature follows the linear and exponential growth model for recent years. The study concludes that there has been a consistent trend towards increased growth of literature in the field of agriculture.

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