Corona Virus Research in Veterinary Science a Scientometrics Analysis


Author(s): S.Raju* and M.Sankar*

The present study explores the research output on corona virus in the different disciplines of veterinary science during 1989 to 2020 and Web of Science citation database used for this work. Results show that 1901 documents published in the study period and 6118 scientists/researchers published their research in this field. The present study was focused to analyses the collected data for year-wise output, source-wise, topmost journals, topmost author wise, institution wise, and keyword most occurrence in the research. Also, the present study reveals the interpretation of various citation scores in the scientometric aspects. In conclusion, the corona virus research output by Indian researchers for veterinary science was evidenced by the contribution of 158 research documents with Global Citation Scores of 1418 and Global Citation Score of 132. The quality research in all aspects of information would help in improving the productivity and also have a research impact.

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