Comparative Evaluation of Citation Analysis of Mechanical Engineering Theses: A Study to the Energy, Industrial and Production Engineering to Students in 2011-2020 GNDEC


Author(s): Manpreet Singh* and Rajinder Sharma

The present study is based on 11502 citations are appended to the theses of 5 energy engineering, 343 production engineering, and 169 industrial engineering submitted to Engineering GNDEC for the award of thesis during the period of 2011-2020. According to the study, Journals 5069 other sources, 4349 others citation, conference document 938 were the most preferred sources of mechanical engineering researchers, accounting for 11502 of total citations, followed by books with 588 citations. Citation analysis is carried out on all journal articles published in the journal of energy, production engineering and Industrial (ME) 2011-2020. The study concludes that, together with other approaches, citation analysis remains one of the most important tools to assess the usefulness of library holdings for M. Tech students in the activities of mechanical.

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