Authorship Patterns and Collaborative Measures in the Journal of the Geological Society of India (2009-2018): A Bibliometric Analysis


Author(s): Adepu Sridhar, S. Yadagiri

This paper observes and examines the bibliometric analysis of 1843 research publications published in the journal “Journal of the Geological Society of India” (JGSI) during the period 2009-2018. The data was obtained from Web of Science database and the data analysis with using the descriptive statistics and different collaborative measure of formulas was adopted to extract the results. The study highlighted on various measures of bibliometric methods such as year wise growth of publications, year wise distribution of publication, Annual growth rate, authorship pattern, collaborative measures like collaborative index, degree of collaboration, collaborative coefficient, modified collaborative coefficient, identifying most profile authors, most productive intuitions and year wise distribution of citation analysis on the publications of the journal during the above period.

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