Analysis of Research Output of LIS Teachers: Special Reference to Universities of UGC Regional Offices in India


Author(s): Nagesh R, M. Chandrashekara

In this study, an attempt has been made to examine the research output of library and information science (LIS) teachers in terms of conducted and ongoing supervision for doctoral degrees(Ph.D) and master of philosophy (M.Phil) in India.The research output of LIS teachers was to analyze based onuniversities comes under regional offices of university grants commission(UGC). A survey method was used in this study and a structured online questionnaire designed using Google Form. Responses received from 287 (81.30%) out of 353 present working LIS teachersin Indian universities. The scope of study was confined to the present working LIS teachers in universities of UGC regional offices of India. The result of this study was number of Ph.D. degrees awarded and ongoing is significantly higher than number of awarded and ongoing M.Phil degrees.The average number of ongoing and completed doctoral degrees and master of philosophy degrees in universities under South Western Regional Offices of UGC is higher than the universities under other regional offices of UGC.

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