A Review of Cloud Computing and Applications to Academic Library


Author(s): Omole Victoria Imabong*

In the history of services, cloud computing is a new phenomenon which is offered over the internet. The technology has brought significant advances in the Information Technology (IT) domain. The study provides a review of cloud computing with its application to academic libraries. The biggest benefit for Libraries is that it offers services using hardware or software or platform of third party sources. It is very economical as it saves cost and maintenance.

This paper attempts to establish a review of cloud computing and applications to academic library. This paper discusses about the meaning of clouds, review cloud computing, gave a universal definition given by NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) on cloud computing ,five essential elements of cloud computing , types, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, its application to academic libraries, use of technology, initiatives of cloud computing.

Conclusively, cloud computing technology has provided libraries opportunities for improving their services and making them relevant in today’s information society.

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