Why Should Higher Education Institutions Use the N-List?


Author(s): Narwade Mukesh Ramesh, Bankar Nilima Rajendra

If you want to research the present era, you have to deal with big books. You have to buy these books either in the shop or searching in different libraries. This leads to feeling of frustration in the minds of researchers, and it wastes a lot of time, money and energy. The reason for this situation is the use of widely E-Sources information tools. These tools provide the information you need, at a low cost, low time, and low energy. Also, Research work helps to simplify. The concept of N-List has been developed to accelerate the research work. Research articles, journals, books, etc. are available electronically through the N-LIST. You can also read and store electronic information in the N-List. This article aims to create awareness among researchers, students & also higher education institutes about why should use the N-LIST. We have to conclude by collecting and evaluating online information.

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