Web Search Behaviour among Faculty Members of Colleges Affiliated to Kuvempu University, India- A case study


Author(s): Maruthi G, B. S. Biradar

Searching for information in a web environment is typically a repetitive and daunting activity. The rapid development of the infrastructure for web information has contributed to the rapid publishing of web information. Too much web publishing information creates the issue of information overload that prevents the effectiveness of searching for information. This study explored how faculty searches the Web. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. are selected for the study. This research found that user awareness contributes to user search behaviour. By means of the search log review and questionnaire, this paper explores the inquiry empirically. Among the 109 faculty of colleges affiliated to Kuvempu University in India were the respondents. The findings support the mediator impact of the user search behaviour on the correlation between user awareness and satisfaction with the search. This article provides an overview of search engines used by the faculty members of the higher education institutions. The researchers examined the topics of Web searches; how users search the Web using terms in queries during search sessions; and the challenges faced while searching the information of their needs.

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