Utilization of Web Based Information Sources among Engineering College Students: A Case Study


Author(s): Bhimarayangouda Patil, M. Dhanamjaya

The present study of utilization of web based information resource by library user community conducted at GMIT Engineering College, Davanagere. A total of 400 questionnaires distributed but 370 were returned duly filled in as a sample. A structured questionnaire was designed for collecting data from the chosen sample group. It is observed that majority 284(76.7%) of the respondents have learnt how to access the web based information resources through their teachers, followed by 256(69.1%) of the respondents got guidance from library staff. A large number of respondents 121 (32.7%) visit the library daily to access web based information sources, whereas 117(31.6%) of them visit the library weekly twice to access web based information sources. Most 211 respondents (67.1%) of the respondents preferred to access the information in PDF format, followed by 103(27.9%) who were used Word & PPT format for download information from Internet and remaining 19(5.0%) use HTML format. It is noticed that majority 317(85.6%) of the respondents indicated lack of speed is the major problem while accessing the web resources, followed by 284(76.8%) Bulk Information, 152(41.0%) Lack of time and remaining 46(12.4%) by lack of knowledge.

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