Utilization of Online Information Resources and Services in Engineering College Students in Nellore District: A Study


Author(s): P.Satyanarayana, E.Sudhakar, I.Chandrainh

This research has been undertaken to identify and document how the resources and services of libraries are being utilized by the students of Audhisankara engineering college library in Nellore. This study investigates the use of information resources and services available in the library by the Engineering students in Nellore. For the present study a well structured questionnaire has been formulated and distributed among the students in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh in order to ascertain the frequency of visit to the library, frequency of use of printed information resources, use of library services, frequency of use of electronic information resources, level of satisfaction towards utilization of library resources and role of library in promoting the use of information resources. The outcome and suggestions of the study would be beneficial to take appropriate measures to improve information resources and services.

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