Utilization of E-Journals and Databases by Research Scholars of Universities in Karnataka: A Study


Author(s): Mr. Shreekant G. Karkun, Dr. Mallinath Kumbar

The present survey explores the use of e-journals and databases by the research scholars of universities in Karnataka. The study was carried to examine the factors affecting the optimum utilization of e-journals and databases. The study mainly focused on source of awareness, availability of electronic journals and databases, purpose, benefits, experience of use of e-journals and databases, preferred search techniques, degree of satisfaction with the use of e-journals and databases, preferred version of information resources and problems faced while accessing and using e-journals and databases by the research scholars. For this purpose the researchers prepared a well structured questionnaire as a tool for data collection and the collected questionnaire has been analyzed and presented in the form of tables. It is clear from the study that the research scholars are aware and use of ejournals and databases for their academic and research activities. The article concluded with summarizes the results highlighting the major findings and suggestions.

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