Utilization and User Satisfaction of Public Library: A Study of Herbert Macaulay Library, Lagos State-Nigeria.


Author(s): Olalekan Moses Olayemi

This study surveythe utilization and user satisfaction of Herbert Macaulay library, Lagos State, Nigeria. The study adopted surveydesign and data were collected using self-developed questionnaire that was administered randomly to the users of the library. The collected data were arranged, coded, tabulated using tables and percentages, and analyzed using SPSS version 21 for Windows. The study found out that, most of the library users are youth and young adults.The study also revealed that the respondents indicated visiting the library frequently for the purpose of general reading, followed by research work, career, recreation/entertainment, to get help always, socialize to meet friends, and to use the internet. The findings also shows that majority of the respondents indicated that the attitude of the library staff influence their visit to the library, and were generally satisfied with the resources and services rendered by the library. Therefore, it was recommended that, sincethe clientele of the library cut across all categories ofusers from the society, the library should endeavor to continually provide information resources and services that meet the different categories of users’ needs.

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