Using Vufind Discovery Tool is how much Replace Germany's Traditional OPAC??


Author(s): Payel Saha

-Vufind is modern generation catalogue which replace the tradition catalogue OPAC. The open discovery tool offers single access point. It has a great advantage where an user search & retrieve their desired documents as they can. This paper is about the Vufind open discovery tool which is used many of the academic institutions in Foreign countries so the study is about the of using Vufind open discovery tool in German & how this discovery tool replaces the traditional OPAC. This modern software is used any types of libraries big or small. Vufind is one of the example of automated & digital library system. It is a highly customizable open source web-scale resource tool. Vufind searching tools has Apache Solr & it support 25 languages globally. It is a next generation catalogue. It has also a web 2.0 feature which is very much helpful to library users, this software were developed by Villanova University.

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