Using Pattern of Internet and E-Resources by the Students of Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.


Author(s): Surabhi Raghuram, K Sridhar

The availability of e-resources is known to each and every individual in an academic setup. Information needy students access several e-resources of information to satisfy themselves in the academic activities. It is also necessary to the libraries that they should know the minds of the users. Trend in e-resources usage must be studied. Based on the results, the libraries can develop their collection systematically. The present paper compares the students behavior in accessing eresources at VS University, Nellore. And also study also highlights the methods of using e-resources by the students and problems faced during this action. The results revealed that 152 male respondents more awareness on e-resources, and most of the respondents 56.89% are from arts students and 43.11% from the science students, when it compare to all the aspects of e-resources arts students are dominating with science students.

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