Users Perception about Library Facilities and Services: A Comparative study of University Arts & Science College-Warangal and Government Degree College-Eturunagaram-Warangal District,(Composite) Telangana


Author(s): B. Yugandhar, B. R. Doraswamy Naick

The present study is an attempt to evaluate users perception regarding different Library facilities and services of University Arts & Science CollegeWarangal District and Government Degree College Eturnagaram of Warangal District(composite), Telangana. The primary data collected through a questionnaire, distributed 350 questionnaires and received only 245, the response rate is (72%). 142 questionnaires received from Arts & Science college, Warangal out of 245 the response rate is (57%) and from Government Degree College-Eturnagarm, 103 questionnaires received out of 245 the response rate is (42%) .The findings of this study shows regular usage of textbooks, newspapers, good assistance from library staff in GDC Eturnagaram and lack of internet facility to acquire the e-resources, professional assistance and library personnel deficiency . The findings will be helpful to higher authorities and librarians in terms of knowing about the services and facilities and made aware them their strength and weakness. Makes an endeavour to know the different facilities and services which are essential to the patrons in the Degree Colleges Libraries in Warangal District. The outcomes uncover that the Frequency of every day patrons to libraries is low as majority of users prefer to visit 2-3 times weekly basis. The discoveries of the review will be useful to higher experts and custodians of the colleges as far as knowing the collection, patrons’ points of view and benefits and made mindful them about the quality and shortcoming of the library.

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