Users Attitude towards the Use of Library Catalogue in Federal University of Kashere Library in Gombe State, Nigeria


Author(s): Abubakar Mohammed, Andrew Temboge

The study investigated the awareness and use of library catalogue for accessing information resources by users of Federal University of Kashere Library. Five research questions guided the study. Survey research design was used, registered users of the University Library between 2016-2019 numbering 920 formed the population of the study where a sample of 272 (30% sample) was used based on 95% confidence level and 5% confidence interval of Sample Size Calculator. The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire. Data generated was analyzed using simple percentage and descriptive statistics. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the respondents were aware of library catalogue existence; they were more informed about card catalogue usage than OPAC for retrieving information resources. In effect, the respondents use card catalogue regularly compared to the OPAC. Majority of the respondents used the library for research work rather than for leisure and recreational purposes. Poor computer skills hindering navigation when searching OPAC and inability to locate materials on the shelves, indicated in the catalogue as being available were the challenges affecting the use of catalogue as an information retrieval tools. The study recommended that the library management should organize a periodic user education, orientation and sensitization programmes for the undergraduate users to create awareness and enable them gain the needed skills to use the library catalogue maximally when searching for information resources. Guidelines on how to use catalogue and library in general should be prepared and issued to registered users. Regular shelf reading should be done so as to establish right contact between library users and library materials.

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