User Satisfaction with Library Resources, Services and Facilities: A Study


Author(s): Muthuraja. S. Surendra. C. S Shivaraj B. Halyal

This study is an investigation of use of user’s satisfaction in library facilities, resources and services of the students of C. S. Bembalagi Arts, SHA. M. R. Palaresha Science and G. L. Rathi Commerce College Library, Ramdurg. 200 questionnaires were distributed among students to collect relevant data and 170 received back. The findings of the study shows that 70 (41.18%) of respondents have the habit to visit to the library daily, majority 95 (55.88%) of respondents are highly satisfied with the collection of general books, majority 90 (52.94%) are satisfied with collection of text books 95 (53.3%) respondents considered circulation services as excellent. The study suggested that college library should carry out user studies at regular intervals and user guidance is necessary to help library users to meet their information needs and make users aware of the available library resources and services.

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