User Satisfaction on Library Resources, Facilities and Services: A Case Study in Shri Kumareshwara B.Ed college, Hangal, Dist: Haveri (Karnataka)


Author(s): Manjunath M.Ningoji, Sadashivappa N

The present study aims to evaluate the users satisfaction on library resources and services in B.Ed college libraries in Hangal Dt: Haveri in Karnataka. The investigators has distributed 200 questionnaires to the users out of which 190 (95%) questionnaires were received back. The findings of the study show that 176 (92.63%) respondent visited B.Ed college libraries for borrowing library books and 172(90.53%) to read materials in their specific subjects and they opined that “arrangement of text books’, Reference books, and journals, as impressive. In terms of news paper clipping service majarity 156(82.11%) of respondents are always satisfied. The study suggested that B.Ed college libraries. In poviding information related to literacy programme and more user’s studies at regular intervals in their Bed colleges to provides optimum library and information services

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