User Perception of Library Resources and Services Utilized by Teachers of Pre-University Colleges: A Study


Author(s): Narasappa K.C, P. Dharani Kumar

The research article investigates the user perception of library resources and services utilized by teachers of Pre-University colleges. The questionnaire method was used to collect primary data from the PU college teachers. Total 385 questionnaires were distributed to the teachers and only 336 questionnaire were recived which form their opinions regardingthe availability of library collection andservices avail in PU college libraries.The study findings reveals that majority of the male teachers of about 263 (78.27%) are working from PU colleges, and highest teachers 243 (72.32%) are from rural back ground. The study found that majority of respondents 128 (38.10%) were from arts discipline, followed by commerce 115 (34.22%), science with 78 (23.21%) and 15 (4.47%) language subjects respectively. The study also highlightsthat there are various facilities served like inter-library loan services 131 (38.98i%), reprographic services/Xerox 131 (38.98%),bibliographic services 198 (58.92%), internet browsing 250 (74.40%), OPAC service 158 (47.02%) and CD ROM service 160 (47.61%) respondents says that ‘poor’ services provided for the library users. Further study has been done on the basis of suggestions and recommendations received as in the analysis of the data. Keywords.

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