Use of Social Networking Sites by Faculty Members and Students of NIT, Mizoram: A Case Study


Author(s): Esther Lalnunpuii, Manoj Kumar Verma

The second generation of web (web 2.0) brings empowerment to the end users by actively create content and actively participate in web to share information to others. Social Networking Sites (SNSs) are one tool of web 2.0 technology which provides collaborative service platform and it is web based software that allows creation of online social networks for society who shares their interest and activities. The Social Networking Sites (SNSs) offer a variety of tools, techniques and services for the users. The present study is an attempt to analyze use of social networking sites by faculties and students of NIT, Mizoram. The findings of the study acknowledge that most of them were aware with the use of SNSs and they are using it for sharing information and communication. Poor internet facility, lack of time,lack of privacy, not allowed in departments and lack of technical knowledge are the main problems faced by the respondents. <

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