Use of Social Media Engagement Strategies among Librarians during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Osun State, Nigeria


Author(s): Ajiboye Olubukola*

The study investigated the use of social media engagement strategies among librarians in Osun State, South-West Nigeria during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Three research questions guided the study. The study adopted a survey research design and online survey form was used as instrument for data collection. The population of the study comprised of professional librarians on the Nigerian Library Association Osun state Chapter and convenience sampling was used. This was largely due to the fact that lockdown banned activities across the states and the only way they could be reached was online. Online forms were distributed in the Nigerian Library Association (NLA) Osun State WhatsApp group and 38 forms were found usable. The study showed that librarians shared content on social media multiple times daily mostly through writing and electronic word-of –mouth activities during the COVID-19 pandemic and this led to increase in audience growth and engagement (likes, shares, mentions, views). The study recommended that librarians should explore more engagement strategies using social media engagement strategies since most of their clienteles reside in the social media.

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