Use of Open Access E-Books by the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students of College of Agriculture, Vijayapur, Karnataka: A Study


Author(s): G. Kiran Kumar

The e-books are an emerging technology which is likely to have a large impact in teaching and learning over the next couple of years. The study was conducted to investigate the use of open access e-books by the undergraduate and postgraduate students of College of Agriculture, Vijayapur, Karnataka. It highlights the use of various types of e-books, frequency and purpose of use of e-books, level of satisfaction towards use of ebooks, use of various devices for accessing e-books, way of access to e-books, problems faced while accessing e-books, use of various features in utilizing ebooks, opinion about how easy is it to read e-books and opinion about how the users read e-books. The interview and questionnaire method was used for the present study to collect the necessary data, keeping in view the objectives of the study and the collected data has been analyzed and presented in the form of tables. The article concluded with appropriate suggestions.

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