Use of Open Access and Licensed E-Books by the Researchers in Academic and Research Institutes in Karnataka


Author(s): Vidyarani, M.P, C.P. Ramashesh

The electronic books are among most extensively used electronic resources and its impact on academic community is much important. There are several managerial and technical prospects that affect usability of electronic books by research scholars in an academic institution. The purpose of this study is to investigated the use of open access and licensed electronic books by the research scholars in academic and research institutions in Karnataka. The population of the study consists of responses from 1110 research scholars. The survey method was adopted using questionnaire as a tool for data collections. It is clear from the study that large number of research scholars are aware and use electronic books for their academic and research purpose. The institutes should subscribe large number of ebooks for target users and proper training should be given to maximise the use of ebooks.

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