Use of Newspapers and Magazines by the Faculty Members of First Grade Colleges of Chikmagalur: A Comparative Study


Author(s): Shiva Kumara AS* and Dharani Kumar P*

Reading newspapers and magazines is a good habit that can afford a great sense of educational value and completeness. Many people have habits of reading newspapers and magazines. Through these means, one can get information about politics, education, sports, economy, entertainment, business, trade and commerce etc. The present study is an attempt to investigate the level of newspaper and magazines reading habits of the faculty members of first grade colleges of Chikmagalur. A survey method was adopted for the study and the tool used for collecting data was a selfdeveloped questionnaire. A total of 286 questionnaires were administrated among the respondents and 261 were received the response rate was 91.26%. From the study it was found that majority of the respondents reading newspapers daily.

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