Use of Library Resources, Services and Facilities by the Faculty Members of P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya: A Case Study


Author(s): Selvaraja A, Praveen Kumari B L

The present study was conducted to evaluate the use of information resources and services of the library by the faculty members of P.E.S. College of engineering, Mandya. The structured questionnaire was distributed among 60 faculty members of different disciplines seeking their opinion regarding the frequency and purpose of visit, services, resources and facilities available at the library. In addition, opinion about the library staff and their services are also sought. Out of which, 42 questionnaires were received back which constitutes to 70% response rate. The results of the study demonstrate that, majority (69.05%) of respondents were male. About 57.14% of users visit library daily. More than 28% of faculty members visit the library ‘to improve general awareness’ and ‘to read the journals’. About 60% of respondents were satisfied with library staffs cooperation in finding the required books and journals in the library. In summary, the respondents were quite satisfied with the library services, collections, and facilities as a whole.

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