Use of Library Resources and Services in Pharmacy Colleges of Karnataka: A Literature Review


Author(s): Sadashiva Naik A, B.S. Biradar

Abstract - Review of the literature is very essential for any research. A literature review involves identifying relevant literature or sources of relevant information physically accessing the most relevant literature, reading and analyzing the previous works. Here the author has undertaken a research study entitled 'Use of Library Resources and Services in selected Pharmacy Colleges in Karnataka. As a part of the literature survey, the present study has been conducted. This study aims to identify, collect, and review the literature related to the present study. There are 33 core articles have been reviewed, and those are classified under five major headings viz., Use of Library and Information Resources, Use of Library and Information Services, User’s awareness and use of electronic information resources, Satisfaction of Users about information resources and services, Information Seeking behaviour. All articles are thoroughly examined and main observations are summarized.

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