Use of Library Automation Software in First Grade Colleges of Four Districts of Karnataka: A Study


Author(s): Chitra K.S, Mallinath Kumbar

The present paper provides the use of library automation software in first-grade college libraries affiliated to the University of Mysore. A structured questionnaire was used to collect primary inputs from college libraries to understand the present status. A total of 160 colleges were taken up for the study in which 135 (84.37%) colleges responded,15 first grade college libraries did not have librarians, and ten librarians did not respond. The study's findings reveal that 94 college libraries have automated. Among them,67 (71.27%) of librarians have adopted ‘Open Source’ library automation software, followed by 24 (25.53%) of librarians have adopted ‘Commercial’ library automation software,about 03 (03.19%) of librarians have adopted ‘In-House library automation software. The study's findings reveal that all autonomous colleges are automated. The most used library automation software in libraries is ‘Koha’which 28 (29.78%) librarians have adopted, followed by 25 (26.59%) of librarians having adopted ‘EGranthalaya’, 23 (24.46%) have ‘EasyLib’. It is suggested that if the librarians have problems in handling the software and difficulties in automating the libraries, the librarian should discuss on the open discussion forum, thereby getting relevant features related to their library environment and answers to questions. It is a forum where experienced librarians answers. Librarian should take initiatives, thereby connecting with others and professionally enhancing support for the library's development and uplifting their skill.

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