Use of Libraries for Accessing the e-Resources by the Faculty Members of the Private Universities in Karnataka


Author(s): Raghavendra R, Vitthal T Bagalkoti

The present paper deals the use of e- resources by faculty members working in private universities in Karnataka. The main purpose of the studyis to determine the usage of e-resources, the skills andthe various purposes of their use by the faculty.Further, the paper aims to address the problemsfaced by the faculty members while accessing e- resources, their perception on features of eresourcesand their views on usefulness of e-resourcescompared to that of print resources. For this study the researcher has adopted questionnaire method and the collected data was analysed in simple statistics and presented in tables consisting of frequencies and percentages. It is found that e-resources like e-thesis, e-journal and e-books are frequently used by the respondents.

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