Use of Information Sources in Undergraduate Colleges: An overview


Author(s): V. Appalaswami Naidu

Information is everywhere. Today, with technology advances and more and more awareness for the need of progress and development, the government is taking a lot of interest in promoting research work and projects. This has become because of the technological advancements and changing information needs of the users. Technology has dominated all spheres of human activity and the libraries are not and exception one. Due to development in technological advancements, sources like electronic journals, e-books, e-databases, pre-prints, numerical and graphical data, library catalogue, educational materials, patents, standards, and so on are available on the Web Teaching is a co-operative enterprise. Teachers must have the necessary tools for teaching purposes in the shape of Librarians and laboratories. The library is the heart of an educational institution. Library plays a vital role in the Teaching, learning and research activities in the college. 

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