Use of Information Resources & Services at Osmania University, Hyderabad


Author(s): M. Shiva Reddy

The information plays vital role in this digital environment. This has become possible because of the technological advancements and changing information needs of the users. Technology has dominated all spheres of human activity and the libraries are not an exception one. The new storage media have appeared after the invention of storage devices like microforms, magnetic tapes, compact discs etc have found their places in modern libraries and are playing vital role in storage and dissemination of information. This study is indented to know the awareness of the students and use of library information resources and services in Osmania University. The study is compiled with data from questionnaire. The Final results revealed that the adequacy of library resources, opinion on e-resources vs. print sources, reasons for using eresources, satisfaction on sources of information provisions. In this study, recommendations are made to the collection of Theses / Dissertation should be improved and availed for consultation of students and also awareness should be created on the use of e-resources availability in the University Libraries.

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