Use of INDEST E-Resources: A Study


Author(s): Harish H T

This study examines the use of INDEST E-resources by age wise (’25 to 35 years’, ’36 to 45 years’, ’46 to 55 years’ and ‘>56’) by IIT faculty. It also highlights the testing of Analysis of Variance. Basic Advantages, Disadvantages, Augmented Purpose, Availability and Accessibility, Limitation of Accessing, Strength in Accessing, Expected Facilitation, Core Purpose, Value Addition, Satisfaction, Importance, Reading pattern with designation wise using INDEST E-Resources by faculty of top seven IITs. The F value is 1.855 and significant value is 0.137 since it is >.05 the mean difference is not significant which implies that ‘Basic Advantages’ does not impact across the different age group. The analysis found that the age group between ’36 to 45 years’ is having a highest mean value 4.85. The age group (’36 to 45 years) use INDEST e-resources to do research activities.

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