Use Of E-Resources Management By The Professional Students Of Kitsw (Autonomous) In Telangana: A Survey


Author(s): Komalla Indrasena Reddy, P. Sumalatha

The study aimed at finding the use of e-resources management by the professional students of KITSW (Autonomous). 210 questionnaires were distributed among the respondents from the different departments of the students of KITSW out of which 147 (70.00%) were returned. The purpose for the use of e-resources revealed that 43.56% respondents use e-resources mainly for subject information, majority of respondents 55.10% use e-recourses facilities in the central library, 29.25% of respondents faced problem of limited access to computers. There is need to evaluate the library e-resources, facilities and services regularly to meet the changing need of the users community

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