Use of E-Resources by Users of Temperate College of Fisheries (J&K): A case study


Author(s): Asifa Jan

The aim of the survey was to assess the use of electronic –Journals by the academic community of the fisheries college (J&K).A questionnaire was distributed among the faculty members, research scholars and post graduate students to collect desired data. From the study it was found that most of the users are aware of ejournals and they are not only using them for building & updating their knowledge but also for collecting relevant material for their study & research purpose as information can be acquired expeditiously through e-journal. However this study also reveals several inherent problems especially with the use of e-journals e.g. slow downloading as revealed by maximum users. Other mechanical deficit like non availability of a particular issues lack of training. The paper provides suggestions derived from the analysis of data which in turn will help to enhance the use of ejournal services and fulfil the needs & requirements of users.

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