Use of E-Resources and Services by Users of Management College Libraries in Bangalore: A Study


Author(s): Rajunaik S, Ramesh R Naik

Modern libraries are equipped with traditional resources like books magazines reports etc. with the advent of information technology they are also embellished with digital resources like e-journals, online publications and web resources. The e-resources though look popular when examined carefully, a number of challenges in using these resources are faced by their users. Present study focuses on the use of electronic resources by the users of Management College libraries in Bangalore. It examines the user’s awareness of the different types of e-resources available in the management college libraries, purpose and frequency of using eresources by the users, the factor affecting resource utilization, impact of e-resources and services on the academic work of the users, suggest the ways and means for the effective use of e-resources and services available in the libraries of management colleges.

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