Use of E-Journals by the Research Scholars of Banaras Hindu University: A Survey


Author(s): Lokesh Kumar , Dr. Sharad Kumar Sonkar , Vishwas Jeet Rajbanshi

Electronic resources are playing vital role in the enhancement of research and development in the education system. Most of the universities are utilizing electronic resources, which are subscribed by the various medium like consortia, individual publisher, etc. It is very important to evaluate the usage of e-resources because huge amounts are involved in the subscription of e-resources. This paper deals with the evaluation of usages of electronic Journals by the research scholars of the Banaras Hindu. To complete this study a survey has been conducted at the Banaras Hindu University. This study examines regarding the use, awareness, mode of searching, purpose and most preferred file format of e-journals. It also highlights the opinions about printed and electronic journals. It also explored that the researchers are facing various problems in accessing of e-journals.

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