Use of E-Journals by Students and Research Scholars of Universities in Hyderabad


Author(s): B. Haritha

The Electronic Resources are playing a vital role in development of Research in educational organizations. Electronic Resources have changed the library scenario and it has thrown new challenges before the library professionals. Majority of the universities are used to good advantage of electronic resources which are being procured by numerous methods i.e., consortia based, through aggregator, individually procuring etc., ICT has a great impact on services of libraries. This paper discuss with the evolution and usage of Electronic Journals by the students and Research Scholars in Universities of Hyderabad. A study was conducted at the Universities in Hyderabad. This study analyses reference to the user perception, mode of searching, purpose, and most preferred format of electronic journals. It also highlights the point of view of the printed and electronic journals and the problems facing in accessing of electronic journals.

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