Use of E- resources available from DELNET, New Delhi: A Study


Author(s): Dr.S. Sundareswari

This paper aims to assess and evaluate the use of e-resources available through DELNET, New Delhi, with a view to examine the exposure of engineering colleges & universities library members to e-resources. Academic libraries in India are facing a lot of problems due to static budget and exponential price hike of library collection materials. The library environment is currently undergoing a rapid and dynamic revolution leading to new generation of libraries with the go green on e-resources. A lot of efforts have been taken in past few years to overcome this problem of financial crunch by resource sharing through DELNET for university & Engineering college libraries. DELNET are two major initiatives for university library and Engineering college’s library users. These revolutionary steps are providing scholarly resources including peer reviewed journals links, databases, abstracts proceedings and ILL Services etc. These efforts must be a boon to university library users which will definitely boost the level of higher education system in our country.

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