Use and Awareness of Electronic Resources by Post-Graduate Students in Technical University Haryana: A Study


Author(s): Dharmender Singh, . Dharampal Singh, Ram Chander

This paper is attempt to study the issues of Electronic Resources, use and awareness by Post-Graduate Students of DeenBandhuChhotu Ram University, Murthal (Sonepat) Haryana with a view to survey the exposure of Post Graduate Students to Awareness and use of electronic resources. Also it aims to highlight the problems encountered by the users and suggests some remedial measures for its improvement. A structured questionnaire was distributed among Full time and part time Post- Graduate Students, PostGraduate responded to this survey. The study confirmed that the PostGraduate Students are aware of the e-resources and various types of eresources, e-databases and e-journals. It suggests for the improvement in the Awareness facilities and most particularly increases the web resources to support their researchactivities.

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