Usage Pattern of Various Types of E-Resources by the Students of the University of Jammu: A Neutral Overview


Author(s): Avinash Singh Charak*, Meghabat Singh* and Raj Singh*

In this paper, an attempt has been regarding the studying, analyzing, evaluating, and usage of various types of electronic resources in the form of e-databases, e-journals, e-books, e-reports, e-thesis, etc. that are provided to the students and respondents of the university of Jammu. In this study, the major focal point is based on the respondents regarding their awareness, formal training, role, purpose, and usage of the electronic resources available in the libraries of the university of Jammu. In our study, it was witnessed that 62 (34.83%) out of a total of 178 respondents were fully aware of the various e-resources available. One of the major findings was that 66 (37.07%) of the respondents were satisfied with the e-resources available in the different libraries of the university.

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