Usage Pattern of E-Resources by the Faculty and Post-Graduate Students of Selected Government Medical Colleges in Karnataka: A Pilot Study


Author(s): Sharanabasappa, Anitha S Rai

The study is conducted to find the usage pattern of Electronic Information Resources by selected Government Medical College faculties and post-graduate students in Karnataka. The survey research method was adopted for the study. Investigator has distributed questionnaires to 120faculty members and 120 postgraduate students, a total of240, out of which 100faculty members, 100 post-graduate students, a total of 200 (83.33%) questionnaires were received back. The result of the study shows that highest majority of 187 (93.5%) of the respondents' purpose of using internet for data communication (sending and receiving E-Mail, Chat, Net Phone) followed by 78 (39%) of them access internet for the purpose of retrieve For using course assignment. The result indicated that majority 151 (75.5%) of respondents' purpose of use of electronic information resources was to Support teaching activities. Highest respondents i.e. 170 (85%) have awareness about EIRs, through personal communication with friends, subject experts and resource persons. The level of awareness about EIRs is that highest respondents are to somewhat extent aware of Eresources. The considerable majority of respondents i.e. 198 (99%) used Google for search engine frequently, 191 (95.5%) of respondents preferred PDF format for downloading articles and the Level of Satisfaction with Electronic Information Services is that maximum respondents are moderately satisfied.

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