Usage patrons of UGC-INFONET Database Users of Mangalore University: A Case Study


Author(s): Lokesha M, Dr. M Krishnamurthy

The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of usage of UGC infonet data base usage among students in Mangalore University. To achieve this, 120 questionnaires were distributed to students of various departments. UGC-Infonet point out that 36 (30.00%) of the respondents are considered not at all important. About almost 43 (38.80%)of the respondents are feel that little important , followed by 46(38.30%) respondents agreed it is somewhat important ,Just about 17(14.20%) are agreed that quit important and wide range of respondents of 100 (83.30%) settled their opinion for absolutely important. remaining out of 120 respondents, 103 (85.80%) are not agree for use of UGC –Infonet is quit important. . This paper is to provide an status of UGC-infonet and issues relating usage aspects.

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