Usage of Lap Top for Information Seeking by the Business Administration Department Students in the Tumkur University Library: A Case Study


Author(s): Dr. B. Raviivvenkat

Today there is cost cutting scenario in all the organization, especially in the libraries. Librarian cannot sit quietly to get the things approved by the higher authority. There is a pro-active role to get the things done and to be a user-friendly. When the tide is against the wishes the alternative way in which the goal has to be reached. The innovative is one end and utilizing the available resource, effectively is at the other end. When the staff is not competitive and the user expectation is high to satisfy the user expectation by using their seeking tools and educating them to use their tools in more effective manner will be the solution. With this idea in mind the information seeking behavior of Business Administration Dept. Students during the academic year 2014-15 was examined in the University Library.

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