Upgrading of Security Measures to Reduce Book Theft and Damage in College Libraries


Author(s): Mamatha N, Khaiser Nikam

Libraries need to create an environment where primary resource materials are respected, handled carefully, and returned intact to the collection so that they might be studied again in the future. Forty seven University of Mysore degree colleges coming under UGC 12(B) 2 (F) constituted the sample for the study. In order to elicit appropriate responses from the 455post graduate student users of the library selected for the study interview schedule was used along with the observation method. The student’s perceptions of difficulties faced to use the library collection and the gender wise perceptions for improvement of security measures are considered for study .Frequency, tables, percentages, chi-square and t- test is the main statistical tools used for data analysis. Findings reveals that 34.7% students visits library daily; 78.9 % students opined that important books are not issued and both male and female students endorse many improvement of security, implementation of security policy ranks first way of improvement of security measures and last being implementation of CC camera

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