Thin Film Research output in BRICS Countries: A Scientometric Dimension


Author(s): Praveen B Hulloli, Kiran P Savanur

The present scientometric study highlighted the contributions made by BRICS countries in the field of Thin Film research, as reflected in the Web of Science (WoS) database during the year 2001-2019. BRICS countries have contributed 65,741 publications, accounting for approximately one-third of the world’s publications indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) database. China made the highest contribution of 62.93% (41,369) among the BRICS countries. China not only catches up with the USA but overtakes by contributing 2.11 % more publications. India is leading among all the BRICS countries with Compound Annual Growth Rate 9.88. Results indicate that BRICS has already made a significant contribution in the field of thin films, this is evidence that BRICS countries emerging as the global leader in R&D output as rightly predicted by Kumar & Asheulova (2011).

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