The Reading Habits and Perception of Electronic Periodicals among Students of Selected Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad: A study


Author(s): A. Lakshmi Narayana, K. Chinnasamy

In recent years, the role of the Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals are adapting themselves to changing technologies, information atmosphere, and reader’s expectations. Library professionals are responsible not only to provide traditional library information services according to the needs of the Library users but also provide modern electronic periodicals and services to them. In recent century, everyone is going through many changes to face the future challenges, LIS profession is also not an exceptional one. Information and Communication Technology has transformed the role of not only librarian but also the library collections in the changing environment. Due to the tremendous growth of information, the libraries have now changed into “digital institutions”. Specifically Engineering College Libraries are inevitable to implement the e-Periodicals in its collection system. Today, libraries are having data by networked that is connected to a vast ocean of Internet-based service. Moreover, electronic periodicals relevant to the professions are developing at an unprecedented pace. Procuring of new books, journals, magazines, and abstracting and indexing services are only beginning to become a presence in library collections. Introducing new services in libraries actually means in the first place in implementing electronic services. At present Libraries of all sizes and types are embracing digital collections

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