Students and Tutors Perception and Usage Influence of the World Wide Web and the Library: A Case of Dunkwa Nursing and Midwifery Training College


Author(s): Charles Bugre, James Badu, Mahendra Kumar Shrivas

The proliferation of IT devices at lower prices but with high capabilities and the low cost or open access to scholarly materials has continually fueled the debate about the possible extinction of the library. Interestingly, despite these debates come higher standards set by educational accreditation institutions with regards to the high caliber of library infrastructure, library experts and resources required in order to operate as tertiary educational institutions. It is from this seemingly paradox that this study was conceived to identify the perception of students and tutors at Dunkwa Nursing and Midwifery Training College about the library and the World Wide Web (web/www) with regards to how the perception of the library influences and how the

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