Smart Technology for Libraries: An Emerging and Innovative Technological Habitat of this Century


Author(s): Akhand Mishra

Smart Technologies Libraries are the new generation libraries, which work with the amalgamation of smart technologies, smart users and smart services. Smart Library was carried to ascertain the emerging technologies in the smart library domain. The clarivate Analytics web of science and Sciverse scopus were explored initially to ascertain the extent of literature published on smart libraries and their varied aspects. The smart libraries has a double character, it allows the consistent description of some particular developments and realizations of public and academic libraries in urban settings and on scientific campuses. It can also contribute to a new and dynamic vision of the libraries of tomorrow helpful to define Objectives and Strategies how to get there and helpful, too for library marketing and advocacy for the description and development of smart libraries, it can be useful to distinguish four dimensions smart services, smart people, smart place and smart governance. Smart Libraries are using innovative technology to improve service for customers today, innovative libraries are using digital tools to make service easier to use and access, inspire and inform, help customers learn new skills. The smart library concept does not constitute a unique model or project but a process, a way of how to get things done that is less linear, less structured and more creative and innovative

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