SLIM 21 Software: An Effective Tool for Accessing Hindi And Sanskrit Books in A.C. Joshi Library


Author(s): Mona Pall, M.R. Murali Prasad

Providing library services in a range of community languages has long been
important. The advent of the Internet and development of Unicode has provided
many opportunities to advance these services. The first part of the paper will focus
on multilingual cataloguing and Unicode issues from a practical perspective. The
complexities of implementing and operating a system that supports a multi-language
environment are explored, using the implementation of the Slim 21 Software in A.C.
Joshi Library, Panjab University as a case study. To conclude, I as a cataloguer and
classifier of Multilingual Books, have found SLIM 21 Software as an efficient tool as
it manages voluminous textual and semi-structured information, adheres to
international standards in the field of Library Science, encourages resource sharing
with other libraries through web opac, and last but not the least, it fulfills the
requirement of bibliographic records in multi-script in huge libraries as ours which
is the need of the hour.

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